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                                Hair: Brown/Auburn                                                   Eye Color:   Brown
                                Voice: Soprano, Mix Belt            Range: D3-E6          Height: 5’4’’

Broadway Ghostlight                                               Female Vocalist 1                                        Celebrity Cruises
Pulse Pop Show                                                      Female Vocalist 1                                        Celebrity Cruises
Solstice the Show                                                       Cirque Vocalist                                          Celebrity Cruises
The Drowsy Chaperone                                           Janet Van De Graaff                                   Peoria Players Theatre
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels                                           Christine                                                      Peoria Players Theatre
Les Miserables                                                        Fantine                                                     Cornstock Theatre
Broadway Our Way                                                Vocalist                                                    Hinsdale Theatre House
High School Musical 2                                             Gabriella                                                    Eastlight Theatre
Buddy Holly Story                                                   Chorus/Background for Buddy                    Eastlight Theatre
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat        Narrator Understudy/Chorus                      Eastlight Theatre
All Shook Up                                                          Natalie Understudy/Henrietta                     Peoria Players Theatre
Meet Me in St. Louis                                               Esther Smith                                                Peoria Players Theatre
The Fiddler on the Roof                                           Chava                                                         The Muny
AMDA Showcase                                                   Soloist and Duet                                           73rd St. theatre, NYC
(Directors Igor Goldin and Keith Andrews: “The man that got away” – Solo and “Love is my legs” – Duet)                              
This Life Ain't Pretty                                                    Receptionist                                                 Arts Entertainment
Easter Seals Telethon                                               Soloist                                                         LaSalle County, Illinois
“AMDA Café” Director John Znidarsic for 2 semesters                                                                     73rd St. Theatre, NYC
“A Cabaret with Brandon Chandler & Molly Dolores”                                                                      Peoria Players Theatre
(Performances of this Cabaret are on my YouTube Channel “Molly Dolores”. Check them out!)
“52 Songs (Live)” by David Davilla, alongside Broadway/Equity performers at the Underground Lounge in NY
“Boys VS. Girls” by Drew Overcash, alongside Broadway/Equity performers at New World Stages Lounge in NY

American Musical Theatre and Dramatic Academy-two year conservatory Graduate in New York City       
Voice/Musical Theatre: Teri Ralston, Thomas Morrisey, Igor Goldin, Keith Andrews, Kathy Morath, Stacy Tilton, Phillip George, John Znidarsic, Lindsay Hamilton
Acting: Jim Elliot, Gail Dennison, Ray Virta, Jason Chaet, Timothy Joseph Ryan
Tap, Jazz, ballroom and Ballet: Casey Colgan, Billy Johnstone, Gene Castle, Cynthia-Murray Davis, George Nieves, Jimmy Kichler, Jenna Van Elslander, Sam Underwood
Audition Workshop: Eric Woodall, Deborah Dion
Television Workshop: Geoffery Soffer 
Private Coaching: Matt Bean (WIU Professor), Ann Hageman, Eddie Urish, Erica Franken (Dance)

Special skills:
Judy Garland Tribute artist, Tap dancer, AMAZING Harmonizer/making up harmony lines, Aerial Training and experience, Basic Guitar and Piano, Basic Cockney, British, and New Jersey accents, Basic tumbling (hand stand, cart-wheel, back-bend) played soccer and basketball 5 years, Driver’s License, Gives vocal lessons to students

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